Python Training Sessions


Python is a popular high-level programming language. It has advanced data structures and OOPs concept with a simple syntax. It is used in giant companies such as Yahoo, Google, NASA. Our course syllabus prepared by top leading MNC experts and suits for freshers and also experienced professionals.The objective of Python training is to learn the basics of writing the Python script.

Section 1: An Introduction to Python

Section 2: Beginning Python Basics

Section 3: Python Program Flow

Section 4: Functions& Sections

Section 5: Exceptions Handling

Section 6: File Handling

Section 7: Classes In Python

Section 8: Generators and iterators

Section 9: Data Structures

Section 10: Collections

Section 11: Writing GUIs in Python

Section 12: Python SQL Database Access

Section 13:Network Programming

Section 14: Date and Time

Section 15 : Few more topics in-detailed

Section 16: Regular expression

Section 17: Threads ESSENTIAL

Section 18: Accessing API ESSENTIAL

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