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Journal Publications

Publishing a paper can be as tedious as writing one. There is a list of conditions that needs to be fulfilled before publishing a paper and these conditions vary according to the forums that one chooses for publishing the journal. Journal publication support aids and guides you in preparing for journal publication.

Potential loops Researches offers journal publication support to help students and PhD scholars in publishing their journal papers in various forums. We help them in journal publication support services in IEEE, Elsevier, Science Direct and Springer Journals. We also serve value added services like publication and paper publishing as well.


As far as the publication of manuscripts is concerned, most researchers pledge for publication in international journals because it increases the credibility of the researcher. It must comply with international standards and comply with various orders dictated by various journals. These commands or standards include proper citations, precise abstracts, impeccable research methodology, proper data analysis, proper drafting and error-free language. Adapting to all of these is difficult for the researcher to accomplish on his own. Therefore, it is always recommended that they take appropriate assistance when dealing with a manuscript development or publication issue that they feel uncomfortable with.

At Potentialloops researches, we provide research paper publishing support services by professionals with work experience with reputable publications. Therefore, our advisors are aware of the international standards of publishing standards set by various journals in different academic fields. They also know the readers of each magazine, influence factor ratings and article preferences. When you seek help from one of our consultants, they can assist you from the manuscript writing stage to its publication.

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