SPSS Training


SPSS is a statistical package for the social science, It is one of the most popular statistical package For complex statistical data analysis. this software were used in many fields to find the Market researcher, health researcher, survey companies, Clinical data, social science researcher, government entities, education researchers, marketing organization, data mining etc., for analyzing the survey data using SPSS software.

Statistical method includes Descriptive statistics, Chi-square test, ANOVA, Correlation analysis, regression analysis, cluster analysis, non-parametric test, cluster analysis, factor analysis, survival analysis and SEM analysis are the major analysis in SPSS.

SPSS has many technique to analysis the data in smart way which is, compute variables, Re code variables, split file cases, missing variables and charts.

Data Prepossessing

• Data Preparation

• Visual Binning

Data Exploration

• Frequencies

• Measures of Central Tendency

• Measures of Position

• Measures of Dispersion

• Measure of Distribution

Visual Exploration

• Univariate Graph

• Bivariate Graph

• Multivariate Graph

• Comparing categories

• Variable Comparison

Analytical Reports

• Comparing categories

• Custom Tables


• Chi Square Test

• T Test

• Analysis of variance


• Correlation

• Regression

• Logistic Regression


• Hierarchical Cluster Analysis

• K-Means Cluster

Advanced Marketing

• Two-step Cluster Analysis

• Conjoint Analysis

Machine Learning

• Decision Tree

• Neural Network

Quality Control

• Control Charts

• Pareto

Time Series Analysis

• Defining time component

• Sequence Charts

• Exponential smoothing